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J’adore #88: Travel Edition #7

Are you looking for the perfect travel gift? Something that will make your loved one’s trips more comfortable, convenient, and fun? Look no further than this list of travel gear that is sure to please any traveler on your list.

RareLumiere Tahiti Candle

RareLumiere Tahiti Candle

[Gifted] Can’t travel? No problem, transport yourself with one of RareLumiere’s candles for “explorers and romantics!” This female-founded company has a fascinating origin story (truly read their story!) in transportation! I choose to be transported to Tahiti, a place I have traveled to 4 times and the scent brought back so many memories! I also tried their Scent Hanger Collection, putting one in every closet, so now as I travel through my house I am continually transported to the far corners of the world!

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Cincha Travel Belts

[Gifted] Picture this. Me with my suitcase and my beloved tote bag that I once again overstuffed trying to run across the Lisbon airport because our flight to the US from Paris has just been canceled and we are still trying to get to Paris before they cancel that leg too. BUT my tote bag keeps sliding off the top of my suitcase and I have to keep stopping to adjust my bags. Mr. Misadventures is growing impatient and I am swearing that I need something to hold myself together.

Enter Cincha Travel Belts to save the day!

Mosi Tea Infuser

[Gifted] Mr. Misadventures and I don’t go anywhere without our own beverages. Tea for the misters and coffee (and tea too) for me. We are kind of snobs when it comes to our drinks, so we prefer to make our own rather than be disappointed. Planes, road trips, camping trips, heck just out running errands for the day, we grab water and a container.

We just got an awesome tea infuser and cold brew infuser from Mosi, a local company in the Raleigh-Durham area (woot), and cannot wait to take them out for a ride. We are heading to Chicago next week and have some camping trips coming up and these are perfect! Any traveler for adventures near or far would be happy to have one of these!

Wanderlust Collection Tea Flight from Chariteas

Need tea for your Mosi? Chariteas will scratch that travel itch with their Wanderlust Collection Tea Flight! And you can feel good about drinking it. With every tea sold, a tree is planted to sustain the environment and livelihood of the area.

Chariteas source all teas from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, ensuring tea farms are protected. They are committed to sourcing the world’s finest quality tea from underserved areas, giving them a platform to the tea-loving market.

Bobo Design Studio Travel Journal

Bobo Design Studio Travel Journal

If there is one thing I don’t need it is another journal, but oh, how I cannot resist! This travel journal from Bobo Design is adorable and makes a really great gift for travelers near and far!

Sunnie Map Subscription For Kids

Sunnie Map Subscription For Kids

Create the passion for traveling along with knowledge of the world and its wonderful mixture of people and cultures by getting them the Sunnie map subscription for kids. It is very inexpensive at between $6-8 a month depending on the length of the subscription.

Hubman and Chubgirl Travel Box Set

Attention to travelers in the making! Help your kids plan for their next travel adventures with this travel box set from Hubman and Chubgirl! Or buy individual pieces from their travel collection. These are so fun and make for great entertainment. Get your little explorers ready for their next adventures!

eat2explore Explore France box

More for the kids, but great for travelers who want to explore the world with the children in their lives! Get the kiddos exploring global cuisine early and often! Food is such a fantastic gateway into global cultures. That is exactly what the folks at eat2explore have done by creating boxes for you and your family or friends to cook a meal together and explore that particular country’s cuisine. There are countries all around the world!

HomeBird Raleigh

This one is for the home team, my new hometown, Raleigh! This is also a good gift for folks from Raleigh who are living elsewhere and wanted a beautiful reminder of their home. This gorgeous Raleigh poster from HomeBird will go perfectly in my office and I can’t wait to get one. There are also t-shirts and mugs if you are interested.

Apple Air Tags

Want to track your lost luggage? Check out Apple AirTags! An easy way to track your stuff. There are multiple ways to use them: initial them, emoji them, or even engrave them! Buy multiple and put them on anything you lose and want to track!

That’s it for this edition of J’adore Travel version! Have you spotted something cool lately that you are adoring? Do share!

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  1. I love these ideas! We never got this creative, I especially love the map for kids, to make the experience interactive for them! And the travel belt for me!

  2. What an awesome list. I have been wanting to get some Air Tags when I travel to be on the safe side.

  3. You have some really lovely gift suggestions there. The tea infuser sounds like a great idea. I’d like to take tea out and about.

  4. These are such neat products. The tea infuser and travel belt would be so useful for me quite a bit. I would love to have the convenience of both.

  5. I love a good smelling candle so that Tahiti candle isn one i would love. These are all fabulous products and they make great gifts 😉

  6. I agree on making your own drinks so you are not disappointed. I bought into the Starbucks hype way back when and it was such a let down the first try. I tried again, still a no. I make my own too. Love this tea diffuser.

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